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21 Savage - Spiral

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Текст песни 21 Savage - Spiral

Aye, what up, GAWNE?
Leave me alone (Please), leave me alone! (W4ddles, you genius!)
I don't do emoji faces, kissy? No
Rather do my poker faces 'til I pull some aces at the casino (Yeah)
Might play blackjack like a Savage, "21" is my new lingo (Aye)
Counting cards like Yu-Gi-Oh, read the room like rubies, I was moving slow
'Til I see this chick, bitch was beautiful (Oh, oh, oh)
Para-trooping boobies, air-ballooning booty
Needs some spooning like a Super Bowl (Brr, brr, yeah)
I'll be Ray J, you be Kim (Let's go!)
Make a movie, upload to the tube and call it "Lukey's home" (Yeah)
Treat the coochie like a juicy sushi roll (Yeah)
Eat the pussy like a cat with Chinese owners
No Corona, dubious, the do's and don't's (What? What?)
Of using coke when blow was oozing though my nose like jacuzzi foam (Aye)
I thought you should know that I'm the proven G.O.A.T. (Brr!)
Music coursing through my lucid soul, I was two years old (Aye, yeah)
Taking roman numerals, "L's" (Aye, yeah)
Bruised and broken bank account was just the letter "O"
Now, I'm heading for seven more (Aye, yeah, aye, yeah, ooo!)
That's an "M", been, in your head like placebos (Brr, brr, brr!)
You pussy, bros! ("What up, GAWNE?") Pussy bros! (Let's go!)

She posts on the gram
Pictures with no clothes (Yeah!)
I DM her from my phone (That)
You're a fucking hoe! (Fucking hoe!)
She said, "What are you my dad?"
Leave me alone (No!)
Leave me alone (Please!)
Leave me alone!

I met this girl at a condo
Said that her name is Ronda
You know I'm balling like Rondo
Said that she drive a Honda (Skrrt!)
Said that she works for Obama (What?)
Loving all of my mantras (What?)
Blocking the haters like Bamba (What?)
Said that I'm hot like a sauna (What? What? What?)
Girls think that I'm beautiful (Yeah!)
You say I'm delusional (Oh, oh, oh, oh)
Ten toes down, the cutest girls (Brr, brr!)
You work in a cubicle (Yeah)
'Bout it since a juvenile (Aye, yeah)
I just think that you should know (Aye, yeah)
Your status removable
Your logic disputable (Aye, let's go!)
I hate pharmaceuticals
Yeah, ey (Yeah, yeah), ey
You love pharmaceuticals
(Yeah) Yeah (Yeah), ey
Your girlfriend a fucking hoe
She don't wear no fucking clothes
I'm poppin' like bubblewrap
This the Death to Mumble Rap! (Let's go! Yeah)

She posts on the gram
Pictures with no clothes (Yeah!)
I DM her from my phone (That)
You're a fucking hoe! (Fucking hoe!)
She said, "What are you my dad?"
Leave me alone (No!)
Leave me alone (Please!)
Leave me alone!

I met this girl at a concert (Hmm?)
She said that her name Michelle (Uh)
I said then call me Obama (Ooh)
Or you could say "Daddy" as well
'Cause I'm in the crib with yo' mama (What?)
She's 55, but I'm 24, think I'ma give her da' mamba (What?)
I should be teachin' 'em English (What?)
Way I been countin' up commas! (What? What? What?)
Ah! Fuck what you heard! (Yeah, yeah)
Kid from the burb who was kicked to the curb! (Yeah, yeah)
Addiction occurred, so, we pop Xannies and a Percs (Aye, yeah)
'Til we end up in a hearse, families hurt- (Aye, yeah)
Happiness in my life goes out the window, "Bye bye, yo"
Down again, then I spiral (Brr, brr, brr!)
Lately, I been suicidal (Woah)
Family is in denial (Aye, let's go!)
Girlfriend says that I'm crazy, doctor said that I'm psycho (Ooh!)
I pop pills he prescribed, though (Yeah)
Benzos fill me inside, and I get higher than Eiffel (Yeah)
'Til my ample supply goes (Aye)
Now, I'm feeling like Michael (Yeah)
Prince and Whitey off the hyrdos
Fuck, I'm probably gonna die, though
No one left by my side, no chances of a survival?
No chances of a survival!
I did all the drugs glorified by my idols-
Just to go viral!
Mumble rap was my bible, till xanax left me no vitals-

Leave me alone (Please), leave me alone!
(Death to Mumble Rap, oooh!)
Ha! Brr, brr, brr!
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